Airway Boxes

Where are the boxes?

A side and B side each have 2 boxes. A side boxes are located in room 11, B side boxes located near the physician documentation area. The trauma bay contains 4 boxes; 2 on the far side and 2 on the near side adjacent to the primary resuscitation areas

What’s in the boxes?

  • Laryngoscope handle
  • Mac 3
  • Mac 4
  • 2 spare C batteries
  • Oropharyngeal airway adjunct
  • Nasopharyngeal airway adjunct
  • 10cc syringe x 2 (one preloaded)
  • Tape
  • Bougie
  • LMA
  • Scalpel
  • Primary ET Tube
    • Preloaded 7.5 size cuffed ETT with 10cc syringe attached and stylet
  • Backup ET Tubes
    • 6.0
    • 7.0
    • 7.5
    • 8.0
  • Extra stylet
  • Tongue depressor
  • Lubricant

By whom will the boxes be maintained?

  • ED Techs / Charge nurses will assist in restocking boxes after use and making sure that blades/handles are sent for sterile processing and ED residents will check and prepare equipment for intubation EACH DAY.

ED Resident Duties

  • A side pgy3 resident (8am) checks boxes in 11 and near side of resus bay
  • B side pgy2 resident (7am) checks boxes outside rm 42 and far side of resus bay
  • Ensure there are two boxes in each location
  • There should be one box with a red tag (ready box) and one with a purple tag (backup box)
  • If both are purple tags – you will prepare one to be the ready box
  • If there is one red and one purple – open the red tagged box and check as explained below
  • If there are tag-less or improperly stocked boxes, bring the box to the charge nurse for restocking
  • If you use a ready box – you must give it to the charge nurse for restocking by an ED tech and then you must prepare your backup box to be the new ready box

Preparing the ready box

  1. Open the box
  2. Open a mac-3 or mac-4 blade
  3. Attach blade to handle and make sure that the light-source and batteries are working
  4. Place the laryngoscope blade and handle into the ziplock bag (extras in top drawer)
  5. Open a 7.5 ETT package just enough to place a stylet in the tube
  6. Place a style into the tube
  7. Open the 10cc syringe from the bottom compartment of the box
  8. Attach the syringe to the tube
  9. Place the tube back into the bottom compartment
  10. Close the box
  11. Put a piece of tape across the box and write on said tape your initials and the date


  • There is an extra handle in all 4 locations found in the top drawer of the red airway carts and the top drawer of the trauma bay airway drawers
  • There are miller 0 to 4 blades in the top drawers as well, with the exception of rm 11 and B side outside rm 42 – where there are only miller 2-4 due to miller 0 and 1 being on short supply – this should be rectified by the end of the month. However, pediatric intubation equipment including blades and handles are stocked as usual in the grey airway boxes that are maintained as part of the Broslow carts – ours are just icing.
  • Purple and Red tags, as well as extra ziplock bags and marking pens for writing your initials and the date can be found in the top drawer as well
  • Extra tape is found in the top drawers
  • LMAs are currently not stocked in the department – we are working on this. For the time being, there are 5 extra LMAs in the 2nd drawer of the red airway cart on A side in rm 11
  • Extra Mac and Miller blades of all sizes are found in Curcio’s closet at the back of B side in the grey cabinet – ask B side PSR for the key

Please email with all of your questions, concerns, and comments to the chief residents