Class of 2015


Undergraduate: Dickinson College
Medical School: Northeast Ohio Medical University
Hometown: Dayton, OH
Hobbies: traveling, golf, frisbee, Ohio State Buckeyes everything
Future interests: retirement
Favorite quote: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ~Dr. Seuss
Most interesting fact about me: I was once politely asked to leave the country of Ireland
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be: teacher
Favorite food: cookies
Vacation hot spot: Pawley’s Island, SC or Vail, CO
My doppelganger is: Rip Patel
Favorite spot in Philly: Fairmount Park/ Art Museum
Why Jefferson EM: The people are fantastic, its a strong program that allows its residents to pursue their own interests. The medical community at Jefferson and within Philadelphia provides an excellent place to train.



Undergraduate: Penn State
Medical School: Jefferson Medical College
Hometown: Lucknow, India via Manila, Philippines
Hobbies: Singing (in and out of the shower), dancing (down the hospital corridors), acting (ie being super dramatic)
Why Jefferson EM: We are awesome! My intern class has amazing people who you want to work with and hang out with
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be: In musical theatre – hence the hobbies




Undergraduate: Cornell University
Medical School: SUNY Stony Brook
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Hobbies: Wines and beers. playing golf badly. cooking. SCUBA
Why Jefferson EM: living in philly, working the games. what’s not to love?
Future interests: finishing residency
Favorite spot in Philly: peoplewatching at Rittenhouse or Washington Square
Vacation hot spot: on a dive boat where the water is warm and clear…
My doppelganger is: Van Ton, Heng Tang…you see the trend here.



Undergraduate: Brandeis University
Medical School: Jefferson Medical College
Hometown: Barkhamsted, Connecticut
Hobbies: Backpacking, Baseball, Poker
Why Jefferson EM: Great people, Great teaching, Great ultrasound and International opportunities
Future interests: International medicine / ultrasound
Most interesting fact about me: I’m the only Yankee fan in the program
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be: Wandering around in the woods
Favorite spot in Philly: Wherever my co-residents are hanging out that night
My doppelganger is: Travis Maiers


Gabrielle Einstein

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Undergraduate: Wesleyan University
Post-bacc: UCLA
Medical School: UMDNJ – Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Family: husband, Adam; son, Derek; dogs, Tyla & Zelda.
Time off between college and medical school: worked in Los Angeles in movies & television
Vacation hot spot: anywhere with a sun and poolside waiter service
Why Jefferson EM: Jefferson truly has a culture of kindness, where faculty and staff make it a priority to be nice to patients and to each other. That makes long days, long nights and difficult cases much easier. I love training here.




Undergraduate: University of California, San Diego
Medical School: University of Illinois
Hometown: Brasília, Brazil, AND Fremont, California.Time off between undergrad/medical school/residency: I was an EMT in Oakland and Santa Clara Counties (Northern California). There, you drive every other call, and you tech every other call. When you tech in the back of the “bus” there is a lot of paperwork. I found I was way better at the tech-ing than the driving. I think it’s really in the best interest of all involved to have the patients come to me.
Hobbies: XBOX 360 drums, flying to see my family or my boyfriend.
Why Jefferson EM: Honestly, I took an electoral map of the US and only applied to urban centers of a certain hue and size. I whittled down the list from there, and think it was a good choice. Philadelphia is vibrant, cultured, walk-able city. The residents were happy. There was a good balance between doing and learning.
Future interests: Don’t box me in yet! But probably teaching.
Favorite quote: “Everything works out in the end. If it didn’t work out, it’s not the end.”
Most interesting fact about me: I won the green card lottery. Also, I survived an emergency landing in Manaus, the capital of the Amazon.
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be: crying, a journalist, a screenwriter, or working full time on social justice.
Favorite food: Pamonha. It’s like a Brazilian tamal, but simpler. Basically you grate (non-sweet, non-watery) corn, add hot oil, salt, sugar, and a slab of fresh cheese. Boil it in a green corn husk for an hour and eat! If there are left overs, you can fry them. P.S. Don’t pull a Gerald Ford–the husk is non-edible!
Favorite spot in Philly: Banks of the Schuylkill River. (Now accepting donations for the Schuylkill River vowel purchase fund.)
Vacation hot spot: Diving in the Riviera Maya. During February of M4 year I got to see the Jason deCaires Taylor sunken statues–go see them!
My doppelganger is: Anahita Hojat, according to Masashi Rotte. “You both say ridiculous things, like suggesting I put a bike horn on my sports car.”



Undergraduate: Penn State
Medical School: Jefferson Medical College
Time off between undergrad/medical school/residency: MBA at Widener University in the middle of medical school
Hometown: Dresher, PA (outside of Philly)
Hobbies: running, sports, music, cooking, history, and clowning around
Why Jefferson EM: excellent learning opportunities with great co-residents; amazing city to live, learn, and work; great faculty who will work with you in cultivating any and all of your interests; emergency medicine residents are genuinely happy here
Future interests: possibly administration, advocacy, and EMS
Favorite quote: “Celebrate we will, ’cause life is short but sweet for certain”- Dave Matthews Band
Most interesting fact about me: I am a medical clown and my clown name is Dr. Laughalotomy
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be: the Phillie Phanatic
Favorite food: turkey hoagie with a side of chocolate chip cookies
Favorite spot in Philly: Independence Hall
Vacation hot spot: Disney World
Favorite Movie: Spaceballs
Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Favorite Comedy Duo: tie between Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” and Lucy and Ethel wrapping chocolate off the conveyor belt




Undergraduate: Muhlenberg College
Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Time off between undergrad/medical school/residency: I did two years of a surgical residency and then “saw the light” and decided to go into Emergency Medicine. I was also a waitress at a high-end fish restaurant.
Hobbies: Reading, Dodgeball, Eating yummy food, especially WaWa, Traveling
Why Jefferson EM: Excellent teaching from both the attendings and upper year residents, My awesome intern class, Diverse patients in the city and in the surrounding areas, Fellowships in Ultrasound and Global Health.
Future interests: Providing medical school and residency education, Possible fellowship in Intesive Care Medicine
Favorite quote: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” -Winston Churchill
Most interesting fact about me: I am older and nerdier than I appear.
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be: A Forensic Anthropologist or a Lawyer
Favorite food: Meat and potatoes of any variety
Vacation hot spot: A castle in Prague




Undergraduate: SUNY Geneseo
Medical School: SUNY Upstate
Hometown: Rochester NY
Hobbies: Skiing, Climbing, Ultimate Frisbee
Why Jefferson EM: Location and It just felt right
Future interests: Wilderness Medicine
Favorite quote: “No regrets, that’s my motto. That and everybody Wang Chung tonight.”
Most interesting fact about me: I own 30 times more Beanie Babies than you do.
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be: Avalanche ski patrol dog
Favorite food: Gummy Bears?
Favorite spot in Philly: Tria
Vacation hot spot: Anywhere I can climb or ski
My doppelganger is: Angenette Rashad




Undergraduate: Dartmouth College
Medical School: Georgetown University
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Hobbies: Atlanta Falcons, Florida Gators Football
Favorite TV Show: The League
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite spot in Philly: Any place with either a foosball table or billiards table.
Vacation hot spot: Anywhere that has a white sandy beach
Favorite quote: “Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.”
Future interests: Ultrasound, International Medicine
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be: high school science teacher, investment banker, or professional poker player.




Undergraduate: Wayne State University
Medical School: Wayne State University School of Medicine
Hometown: Patan, India.
Hobbies: watching movies, playing tennis and ping pong, spending time with family
Why Jefferson EM: why not!!!!!
Future interests: Practise EM in India. 🙂
Most interesting fact about me: I have slept more than 36 hours straight.
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be: Mathematician




Medical School: Uniwersytet Jagiellonski Collegium Medicum in Krakow, Poland
Time off between undergrad/medical school/residency: Emergency Medicine Research Clinical Coordinator at Albert Einstein Hospital
Hometown: Grodzisko Dolne, Poland
Hobbies: Traveling, International EM, EM research, scuba diving, running, the beach
Why Jefferson EM: Good location. Awesome peers. Great variety of hospital experiences
Future interests: Academic Medicine; International EM with a focus on EM develpment in Central and Eastern Europe
Favorite quote:
“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be: A marine biologist or in international affairs
Favorite food: Sushi… and any kind of soup
Favorite spot in Philly: My rooftop in Center City
Vacation hot spot: With family and friends in Poland.




Undergraduate: Michigan State University
Medical School: Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
Time off between undergrad/medical school/residency: Before Medical School, I was a Pit boss at MGM Grand Casino.
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Family members: Husband: Fareed and I have 4 children, Ciara, Kaitlyn, Justin and Amir.
Hobbies: Horseback riding
Why Jefferson EM: Everyone was happy and it felt like a perfect place for me.
Favorite quote: “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others”? by Martin Luther King
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be a FBI agent.
Favorite food: seafood, all kinds!
Favorite spot in Philly: I’m still exploring.
Vacation hot spot: Smoky Bear Mountains
My doppelganger in the program is: Brendan Leahy