Class of 2016


Amit Patel
College: University of Miami
Medical School: Florida State University College of Medicine
Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Hobbies: Watching English football, Eating good food
Why Jefferson EM: Awesome people
Favorite quote: “you gotta go pro once”
Most interesting fact about me: just got married at a palace in India
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would: Play professional football (soccer)
Favorite food: Chicken Tika Masala
Favorite spot in Philly: Spice 28 (Thai food)
Vacation hot spot: Miami
My doppelganger in the program is: Some say Rich Massone…




Quinn Grimes
College: University of Pennsylvania
Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine
Hometown: Ambler, PA
Family members: 2 sisters, 1 brother
Why Jefferson EM: Great residents and attendings
Favorite quote: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” -Unknown
Most interesting fact about me: Descended from the Tarascan Empire
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be: A Mentalist who works for the FBI
Favorite food: Pizza and Burritos
Favorite spot in Philly: Washington Square Park




I grew up in Coudersport, Pa (God’s Country) with my mom – Pam, dad – paul, 2 older sisters Erica and brenna, and 10 dogs (only 2 living with me now). I enjoy going to the gym, playing pick up sports, biking, hunting, and reading classic American literature. I went to med school at Jeff and really enjoyed my time there so I decided to stay for residency because the ED attendings, residents, nurses, and techs are all awesome, and Philly is a great place to live! Before starting residency I spent time building a log cabin with my dad, substitute teaching, being defensive coordinator for a high school football team, and a counselor for juvenile sex abuse perpetrators/victims. In the future I hope to have some kids. In my prime, I placed 3rd in the PA amateur log rolling competition. If I weren’t so busy becoming an ED doc, I’d probably be a football coach or vacationing in Maine or Alaska while eating burritos (go to taqueria @ 9th and washington), or at my favorite spot in Philly (Bob and Barbara’s). As Kurt Vonnegut once said, “so it goes.”




I grew up Los Angeles, CA with my mom, dad and sista who is 2 years older than me. I spend most of my free time hanging out with good friends, running and playing soccer. My favorite food is anything my mom cooks. If I wasn’t an EM doc I would be a professional basketball player for the Lakers, an astronaut, or a test car driver for BMW. I chose Jefferson for EM because of the broad clinical experience, excellent clinicians and diverse training sites. I am interested in ED bedside ultrasound.



After graduating from college I spent 8 years being a full-time EM physician assistant before deciding to become an MD. When I’m not busy with residency I enjoy skiing, photography, golf, fermented beverages and frequent naps. Fortunately, I have the skill of being able to fall asleep pretty much anywhere. My favorite spot in Philly is Forbidden Drive in Fairmount Park and my favorite foods are Sushi and raisin bread (not necessarily together). If I weren’t an ED doc I would probably be…in much less debt. I chose to come to Jefferson for EM because of the wide ranging clinical experiences, top notch residents and attendings, and the variety of clinical sites. In the future I hope to pursue disaster medicine and toxicology.




Corinne Horan
College: SUNY New Paltz
Medical School: New York College of Osteopathic Medicine
Time off between undergrad/medical school/residency:
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Family members: I’m the youngest of three and have an older brother, Keith, and an older sister, Leigh. I have a niece and nephew (my brother’s kids) who are probably the funniest people I know.
Hobbies: yoga, cooking, reading, trying out new restaurants
Why Jefferson EM: The diversity of the program can’t be beat – you get the benefit of time at a big university hospital as well as unmatched community experience. Plus, Philly is filled with great restaurants, interesting museums, and great people!
Future interests: Critical care
Favorite quote: “Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” -Henry David Thoreau
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be: More well rested
Favorite food: Mexican
Favorite spot in Philly: Nicole Piela’s rooftop deck
Vacation hot spot: Thailand (dream vacation)




Ted Kokosinski
College: University of Washington
Med School: Midwestern University, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine
Time off: Medical equipment sales, clinical research at a medical informatics company
Hometown: Valencia, CA
Hobbies: hiking, running, vacationing, watching tv
Why Jefferson EM: awesome residents, wide variety of hospitals
Vacation hot spot: the beach



Ayah Arafa
College: University of Southern California
Medical School: Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall University
Hometown: Yorba Linda, Irvine and Newport Beach, CA
Hobbies: I love trying new restaurants in town and all different cuisines. I’ve never had a bad meal in Philadelphia!
Why Jefferson EM: The program was exactly what I was looking for in terms of amazing attendings and residents, a great work environment and diversity with global medicine, disaster medicine and the opportunity to expand any interests.
Future interests: Possibly Pediatric EM and Disaster Medicine
If I weren’t an ED doc, I would be: A record label band scout ;). I love live music!
Favorite food: Thai food (like Amit, Spice 28) and the Halal cart by our hospital, you’ll love it too!
Favorite spot in Philly: My place at the Waterfront Square, come swim or lounge on the sundeck anytime.
Vacation hot spot: Dubai or home to Orange County, CA
My doppelganger: Jasmine from Aladdin 😉



Oo Htaik
I was born in Burma (you may know it as Myanmar, but it’s really called Burma), but I moved to England when I was two years old. My family moved to the Philadelphia in 1996 where I promptly lost my English accent, learned to eat American-sized portions, and kept watching (wussy European) football. I have a younger brother who works as a computer programmer and recently adopted a dog that we named Starbuck (it’s from BSG, not the coffee shop). My parents live out in the ‘burbs – you’re always welcome to crash at their place if you have a particularly tough shift at Paoli. I came to JeffEM because I loved the people and the training sites. My hobbies include eating, cooking, reading (lost generation, scifi / fantasy, soccer tactics). My favorite spot in Philly is Amada but my favorite every day spot (right now, anyway) has to be Terakawa Ramen. In another life, I would’ve been a historian or a celebrity chef, in no particular order. My doppelganger in this program is VanTon, may he rest in Texas.