Telehealth Follow-Up

Report to Jefferson Urgent Care 700 Walnut St

  • Load EPIC on the other screen. EPIC
  1. Log in to your JeffConnect Account, place this window on the monitor with the camera.
  2. Your account is your
  3. Review your scheduled visits 
  4. When the side button on the patient row changes from blue to green that means the patient is ready to be seen, click this button
  5. Click the connect button to activate the camera and initiate the teleconference call
  6. Speak to the patient and obtain a brief history and follow up examination. Speak clearly and make eye contact with the camera.
  7. Recommend a disposition, call in new prescriptions as indicated.
  8. End the encounter by clicking Review and Sign 
  9. Then hit Sign and Complete 
  1. When logging in, change the context to ‘On Demand’ (Jeff Connect).
  2. Search for the patient using the ‘Patient Lookup’ button (yellow above).
  3. Make a new encounter and set it as a ‘telemedicine’ type.
  4. The blank note will be immediately visible on the R pane.
  5. Fill out a telehealth note (.mhth is the template, also available below)
    • No documentation needs to be done in aside from signing the encounter to complete it, everything is done in EPICSpecific Instructions for each model
  6. Assign the attending by hitting the cosign button (pink above) and entering their name. **Once you type it in the first time, if you hit the “=” key, it’ll automatically put it in any name field, saving you from retyping it**
  7. Hit the Wrap Up Activity. (purple above)
  8. Enter a diagnosis, generic symptom name is always appropriate.
  9. Level of Service can be searched for as ‘NoCHG’ or 264298. (green above)
  10. Hit Sign Visit (red above).  View and fix any outstanding issues.

NOTE: You may have to go to the communication management section of the wrap up activity and modify the PCP FU

EPIC Note Template

Scheduled Telehealth ED Followup Visit

@NAME@ was seen at the {:19197::"TJUH Main ED", "TJUH Fast Track"} on date ***.

At that visit @NAME@ presented with a CC complaint of @CHIEFCOMPLAINTNNOLINE@ and after evaluation and management as documented above the patient was discharged.

The discharge diagnoses for that encounter were:

Followup Visit HPI

Current Condition
{:19197::"Resolved", "Worsening", "Stable"}

Post Discharge Course
{:19197::"Symptoms resolved", "Symptoms worsening","Symptoms unchanged", "Symptoms improving"}

Followup Visits
{:19197::"Urgent Care", "ED", "Specialist", "PCP"}
{:19197::"Seen", "Encountered limitations/challenges: ***", "Scheduled"}

Prescription and OTC medications
{:19197::"Unfilled", "Filled"} 
{:19197::"Indequate response: ***","Adverse reaction: ***","N/A","No issues with RX"}

Return precautions
{:19197::"Reviewed and discussed with patient expressing understanding"}

TeleHealth Exam

@AGE@ @SEX@ ***

{:19197::"ED","Urgent Care","Retail Clinic","PCP","Resolved"}

New RX:
{:19197::"Yes: ***", "No"}